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Poli Glow: a finishing touch for your boler!

“Poli Glow is a marine polish that wipes on without rubbing or buffing.” These modest words from Poli Glow Canada totally understate the impressive results you can get by using this product on a boler! Bolers, of course, are fiberglass like many boats. And long ago bolers lost their original lustre, resulting in a flat …

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Motomaster Wheel Dollies

One of the main reasons I bought my house is because it has a large double garage. For me, a garage is a key feature of any property. Room sizes, I don’t care too much about. But the garage, that’s another story. Of course, no garage is ever big enough (the fifth law of thermodynamics, …

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Bridgestone Blizzak WS70

Recently I spent some time in Toronto where one of the local media outlets was debating the use of winter tires. The basic premise was that there’s not enough snow and it doesn’t get cold enough in Toronto to warrant using them. Well, I think the argument has more merit for people in Vancouver than …

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