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2019 Volkswagen GTI: Say no more!

When driving a 2019 Volkswagen GTI the word that most readily comes to mind is “balance.” Well, balance is a beautiful thing, right? You want people to be well-balanced; you work for a balanced portfolio; you balance wants and needs. It’s an aspiration, a goal, an ideal. And in a car it can be a …

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2018 Volkswagen Tiguan: It’s new; it’s here; it’s changed!

Just spent a pleasant week in the all-new 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan. And when I say all-new, I mean it! There’s nothing that carries over from the first-generation Tiguan beyond the name (see below), much to the initial disappointment of my partner who drives one and was considering the new model as a replacement. No, the …

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Volkswagen Beetle “in the pink!”

“You’ve got to be a confident man to drive a car like that!” Hey, I didn’t say that. It was an opinion voiced by a customer at the local Volkswagen dealership as I parked and exited the $26,690 2017 Volkswagen Beetle Pink edition. And furthermore, I didn’t hear her say it; she was addressing another …

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