February 2019 archive

2019 Mazda CX-5: Another “Signature” Achievement!

When you put your signature on something, you’re vouching for it, right? You’re literally, “putting your name on the line.” I guess that’s the idea with Mazda’s “Signature” line of vehicles, which in my view are edging ever closer to entry-level luxury, and maybe beyond. “Top tier,” says Mazda like a proud parent. That’s one …

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2019 Jeep Cherokee: a nip here, a tuck there

Ever since the Jeep Cherokee was introduced in for model-year 2014, I’ve wondered when we’d see an exterior design rethink. Why? Well, I just thought there was something odd about the front of the Cherokee. I wasn’t alone, I should add. Then again, maybe Cherokee’s sales success was actually primed by its …um… distinctive appearance! …

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