September 2019 archive

Serra Boulevard GT: the world’s rarest Dodge model

Mention the Dodge Serra Boulevard GT, and even the most fervent Chrysler fan might respond, “Huh?” With just 18 copies of the fibreglass-bodied 2+2 coupe produced between 1972 and 1974, the Serra is hardly likely to show up at your local Moparfest. But the minuscule production total isn’t the Spanish-built Serra’s only distinction. It is …

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Interesting items for sale

Over the years many items of interest have made my home their home. While I continue to enjoy all this odds’n’endsia, I’d like to make some of it available to other collectors. Contact me at if you’d like more details on any of these items. Prices plus shipping. Paypal would be a good way …

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Consuming Electronics

Soon! Consuming Electronics Ten technology firsts that you may have owned! By Paul Williams Polaroid SX-70: The first single lens reflex instant colour camera Motorola DynaTak 8000X: The first cell phone Regency TR-1: The first transistor radio Zenith Flashmatic: The first wireless remote Magnavox Odyssey: The original home video game suite Hoffman Trans Solar: Pioneer …

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