March 2014 archive

2015 Chrysler 200: All new and much improved

Louisville, Kentucky It’s nice to see Chrysler coming along. For a while, there, the company was flying dangerously close to the ground and a crash-landing seemed imminent. But what a difference a few years make, along with an Italian company (Fiat) led by a Canadian, no less! Well, Italian-Canadian… The Chrysler 200 is the first …

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Motomaster Wheel Dollies

One of the main reasons I bought my house is because it has a large double garage. For me, a garage is a key feature of any property. Room sizes, I don’t care too much about. But the garage, that’s another story. Of course, no garage is ever big enough (the fifth law of thermodynamics, …

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Midget Redux

A recent addition to my personal fleet was a 1968 MG Midget, which astute readers will quickly deduce is not a large car. I couldn’t resist. It called out to me via Kijiji from the mists of time and suburban Brampton, Ontario, where its owner for the last 32 years was fretting about selling it …

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