About Gone Driving!

GoneDriving.ca is the blog of Paul Williams. Paul is a former professional automobile journalist and internet publisher. During the period from 2001-2017 he was a member of the Automobile Journalists Association of Canada (AJAC), serving for several terms as AJAC Vice President and President of AJAC’s Canadian Car of the Year program. He also won a few journalism and photography awards.

Until 2010 he was a co-owner of CanadianDriver.com, a terrific website that ran from 1998-2010 when it was purchased by Trader Corporation. Many of Paul’s published articles from the past 20 years can still be found at autoTRADER.ca, although they are updating it, so you never know. Most recently he has become a self-described global authority of the Bargman L-400 lock as found on Boler camper-trailers (a niche expertise, he admits). Paul likes vintage British cars and collects items of little interest to most people. There are a few other things about Paul, but basically he’s an okay guy who won’t steer you wrong.

Paul is based in Ottawa, Canada.

All works and images on GoneDriving.ca are copyright Paul Williams or their authors, and may only be used with permission.